Leadership training

"Go Army!"

"Go Army!"

I’ve tenatively put in dates for Warrior Leadership Course for mid-March late October/November (in Nebraska)……..hopefully by Spring Fall the weather will have thawed out will be reasonable over there–(note:  I really don’t care for cold weather, especially if I am going to be out in the field for a set period of time or doing any type of PT…sure I’ll “get over it” but still….).

Never been to that state…curious as to what’s out there.  I love to travel and visit this great country of ours.

So, what is WLC?

Well, it prepares soldiers to advance in the Army non-comissioned officer slots, teaches an individual about leadership skills and from what I understand, since 9/11 it’s more combat oriented (am already a sergeant, attending so I can advance in rank):

WLC, formerly called Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC), is the first leadership course Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) attend. WLC is a month-long course that teaches Specialists and Corporals the basic skills to lead small groups of Soldiers. This course is hard hitting and intensive with emphasis on leadership skills and prepares Soldiers to advance to the rank of Sergeant.

Watch the videos above to get a firsthand look at the challenges offered by this course. The course culminates in an extensive Field Training Exercise (FTX) where Soldiers experience what it’s like leading a platoon of Soldiers in the field.

The course topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Training Management
  • Map Reading
  • Land Navigation (fun stuff…had it when I was going through 96B Intel Analyst school in Fort Huachuca back in 1987)
  • Drill and Ceremony (trust me on this one…it’s like riding a bike…you never forget)
  • Warfighting (will be interesting. I used to participate in war games while on active duty…was fun…but I know this will be a little different.)

This course is not MOS dependent. It is taught at an NCO Academy. WLC students live at the Academy for the duration of training that combines classroom instruction with practical application in the field.

Any Soldier who would like to move up in rank is required to take this course.


 I have been an NCO for a period of time.  I know how to lead and do it quite well.  I just need to get this schooling under my belt.  I enjoy being a non-comissioned officer and have toyed with the idea of becoming a Warrant but honestly I don’t want to deal with any more basic training type of schooling and WLC is about the closest I will come to it.


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