AGR vs. Unit Technician

Discussed with my recruiter briefly about the possiblity of going into the AGR program or applying for a Unit Technician job.  If  I wish to retain my enlistment bonus I would have to consider the tech job….(if I decide to leave my current civil service assignment).

The difference between the Active Guard and Reserve and the unit tech seems unclear to me….(am simply worried about the bonus retention)…

Congress established the Technician Program in “The Technician Act of 1968,” which is also known as Public Law 90-486. The Technician Program is a critical component of the National Guard in all fifty-four states, territories and District of Columbia. This program was established to provide National Guard technicians with fair and just compensation, employment benefits, and entitlement to a retirement system that is equitable to other federal employees. The law also designates, through the Secretaries of the Army and Air Force, The Adjutant Generals of each state, to employ and administer the Technician Program. This authority is further delegated to the Human Resources Officer (HRO). It is the HRO’s responsibility to review and administer human resource policies and procedures for the National Guard Technician Program. The HRO staff is committed to administering these policies and implementing systems thatensure fair and equitable treatment, job satisfaction, just compensation, and recognition for work well done.

Military Technicians are employees of the Department of Army or Department of the Air Force. Military Technicians are required to maintain military membership in the National Guard in order to retain employment. These military technicians are referred to as dual-status technicians. However, unlike other Federal employees, the State Adjutant General has the authority to affect employment and is the level of final appeal for most personnel actions. With few exceptions, a military technician enjoys the same benefits, privileges and rights as other federal employees.


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