Death of a Dino

Well, my home computer (a Compaq Presario) finally died on me in glorious fashion late yesterday evening….after almost 10 years of loyal service it said its sad goodbyes last night and now I have to buy a new computer.

Having to be a savvy consumer am now looking for a reasonably priced PC. May just buy my next one at Best Buy or Circuit City.

I would love a laptop however I don’t like some of the issues which comes with them such as overheating and making sure you protect your ac/dc adaptor connection with the fierce protection of a mother bear. (My Toshiba connection broke off one fine evening when someone who shall remain nameless was a little careless and it wasn’t me.)

Debating whether or not to get a Mac or stick with Microsoft products though for me at least Vista leaves a LOT to be desired. WHY did they have to mess with perfection???

I loved XP.

Sigh………time for a change.

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