Motivantion+Energy=Happy Woman

Self motivation is an important factor in anyone’s life, especially mine.

I look back at the pivotal moments which influenced the person I am today and these were accomplished with a driving will to get what I desired.

Motivating yourself will keep you moving forward.

Finding what motivates you is the real question and should be answered.

Energy to reach such a level of motivation can stem from either positive or negative influences within your life….the key is that it takes some overpowering factor to push a person forward.

Unless you are born with the inert passion sustaining you 24/7—-for most people it seems (at least to me) have to have some kind of catalyst to spur them into action.

Motivation can cause self-awareness to accept and deal with life’s challenges.

Having that all consuming inner fire to do well, (trust me) will push that person into wanting to be in a better place than they were before. And who wouldn’t want to?

Who wants to live in misery?

Does success bring us happiness or is it the other way around?

According to, Galina Pembroke, research conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky and colleagues at the University of California (who reviewed 225 studies with a collective 275,000 participants) has revealed that happy people are more successful in marriage and work and enjoy better mental and physical health.

People who report feeling satisfied before they get a job are more likely to get interviews. Happily, once they got the job, their performance was rated higher than the performances of their gloomy peers.

Not only that but people who retain positive attitudes in life are healthier physically and mentally.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

As I return to the gym and into my routine perhaps I shouldn’t see it as some evil chore which I must accomplished but as a beginning to something greater—a new outlook on life, on myself, my health, the way I look and where I am heading………of course this overview rather simplifies things but all in all I feel that people who are emotionally healthy….happy–are bound to succeed in life on so many many levels.

Shemagh Scarves

Ayna on English Sabla posted some tantalizing pictures of this new fashion and have fallen in love:

The new garment can add a little bit of “Arabian” flavor to both men and women wearing “Western” clothing.

No where can this accessory be found worn with such elegant style than in John Galliano’s Spring/Summer ’08 collection (Christian Dior), which paid tribute to this ancient head piece. You can easily find them also on such sites as E-Bay or

In this picture I really am drawn to the color and beautiful brooch which this particular lady is wearing…would be flattering to those of us with olive skin tone.

What is spirituality

Is it believing in a higher power…in oneself? Nature? Humanity?

I feel that I am quite spiritual without mentioning it every day….so really what do I mean?

I suppose it means I have an intrinsic appreciation of life, of my neighbor.

I don’t take life for granted. Not anymore……….

I realize how precious each day is irregardless if things will go my way or not.

Spirituality seems to take on varying forms….suppose it has different meanings for different people.

I always like to think that humanity has more good dwelling within their hearts than bad.

Maybe I am being naive but much rather believe in the positive of mankind–it gives me inner peace.

Life of a scholar

All my life I was mesmerized by books…any book. Growing up my parents owned a collection of various medical and children encyclopedias. I made good use out of them (more so than my siblings). It was not uncommon to catch my nose in a book with a far away look on my young face.

Perhaps this is why college intrigued me so. As far back as I can remember I wanted to attend university. My grandest goal was to obtain a decent education. I joined the Army and receive a scholarship. Used it for my undergrad. I felt at peace, at home in academia.

When I entered grad school I could easily be found at the ISU library. The librarians were wonderful and knew me by first name. I could easily spend countless hours pouring over books and gleaning all sorts of delectable information. The life of an academic nerd. ;^)

I do miss the Ivory Tower. I wish I had followed my initial dreams of becoming a professor. Well, I had two dreams one was to become a foreign service officer and the other a professor. I enjoyed being with students and learning new things. I became quite adept at writing research papers on all sorts of subjects albeit they focused more on international politics and public administration.

Today though I work with the federal government a part of me yearns for academia….yearns to be the student….yearns to teach young minds old thoughts—-and new ones.

Loyalty of a cat

I was never a cat person growing up. All my life I was surrounded by dogs. When I moved into an apartment I craved a pet. I wanted that unconditional love an animal would bring. They are also wonderful stress relievers.

My daughter picked out a black cat and she was your typical domestic. I played with her some but she tied herself to my daughter more so than to myself.

A few years later I decided to buy a Himalayan because I adore their personality and markings. One day at work I read the St. Louis Post Dispatch and discovered Himmie kittens for sale. Eager for such a companion, I drove and picked up Simba (or rather he chose me). He was a mere 2 months old and just learning how to eat solids.

We bonded very quickly.

Raising a 2 month old was difficult at first. His meowing was insistent due to unfamiliar surroundings. However, the eternal mother in me took over and with patience he adjusted. Simba became my ever present little shadow and for the next 3 years continues to be so.

(As I type this post he is cuddled next to my chair. Simba loves to follow me from room to room and at times will catch him staring at me with his gorgeous blue eyes.)

Cats do have allot of positive qualities for one they do not smell. And yes I give him a bath roughly once a month. I don’t have to worry about taking him out on walks to go “potty” and he doesn’t bark though he does show his emotions through variations of meows….I have become an expert to his moods and sounds.

Some research shows that this breed tend to be loyal to one person and one person only….this figures out precisely as to why Simba is always by my side.