Book I plan to buy

This story really touched my heart…I remember growing up having to defend my Puerto Rican heritage in school and then with my daughter being half African American and facing her own trials something I wish to share with my beloved child down the road:

One Drop My Father’s Hidden Life–A Story of Race and Family Secrets
by Bliss Broyard

Two months before my father died of prostate cancer, I learned about a secret, but I had always sensed that there was something about my family, or even many things, that I didn’t know. As a child, when I was left alone in the house, I would search through my mother’s file cabinets and my father’s study for elaboration, clarification, some proof . . .
Of what? I couldn’t exactly say.


National Archive Locations

I have been asked by various people where we are located nationwide. Well, the military personnel records center is here in St. Louis….where I work and we also have various archives scattered throughout the United States:

National Archives Locations by State


Craving the tropics………..

But not the heat.

I took this picture at the Missouri Botanical Gardens with mom sometime last year. She really loved that place…how could you not so full of color, smells, textures–seizes all the senses.

I digress but right now with all this overtime am craving the tropics…yeahhhh a laid back lifestyle sipping on a Pina Colada lying back on some large blanket with 400 threadcount…am NOT kidding here….listening to some Jimmy Buffet or just the sound of the waves lapping against the sandy beach. Seagulls crying out, swooping across the air like majestic aeroplanes scouting out their territory for a little piece of morsel….just stay away from my Colada!

"studying" for an interview

I decided to approach the Archivist interview process as if I had to prepare for a Master’s defense (which I have done—and nerve wracking but did well)………can’t go wrong…..right?

So, my biggest plan for this weekend (sad ain’t it) :^P is that I am going to collect all my archival related documents and pour dilgently over them with a fine tooth comb. Maybe even have my daughter participate in the process. Might as well………Give her a list of possible questions I might be ask and give well thought out responses instead of waiting until the last minute when I am actually at the interview and freezing like a deer caught in the headlights scenerio (not pretty…not pretty at all).


This faded picture was taken of myself at approximately 2 years of age…notice the dated stroller. However I do love the girlie fringe on top…..mother said complete strangers would come up to me wanting to hold this olive toned blue-eyed baby—I was a little stinker and didn’t wish to be touched by someone I didn’t know. (NOTE: Marianna is not so anti-social as she was then)………

Thankfully at around the same age my ever the gregarious daughter was far more sociable than dear ol’ ma….I would take her “bye bye” (which btw she would promptly squeal with abounding glee) when asked if she wanted to go somewhere (a mall rat at the age of 2) and strangers, always politely of course, clamour to hold my precious bundle of hyperactive joy.

Sometimes I miss being a child…having those fantastic yet innocent childhood dreams….at times I miss my darling 20 year old daughter being that small cuddly little doll who worshipped her mother beyond anything. Kid got’s smarts………………..

Yet she and I have a very strong bond formed from many years of wonderful memories….and am most grateful for and as always that child of mine is forever teaching me something new and most wonderful about life…………..