Fantasy Fiction

I have always been a fan of the Fantasy Fiction genre along with Historical. Albeit fantasy can be difficult to get through at times….depends on how much time you have on your hands lol…but great writers like Piers Anthony really make the experience enjoyable.

I began reading him in high school. My favorite selections were from Xanth and the Incarnations of Immortality series. Out of this collection I fondly remember Night Mare (cover shown in this post) from the Xanth series.

Xanth Character Database Download through Pet Peeve

Xanth Character Database Online through Swell Foop

Xanth Family Tree

Xanth Timeline

So if you have a little extra time go ahead and pick up one of his novels. He will transport you into a delectable world of fiction, love, angst, and mystery.


100 Most Scariest Places

Ok…I am going to blog just for a little bit not leaving until the afternoon hopefully will beat the rain….yes rain.

My daughter wants us to sign up for this and I am debating…..if they pay all your expenses hey good deal….I always have been interested in the paranormal (taken from the website):

There’s more to experience on a real haunted Vacation than most people can fit into one normal vacation – sun, sand, ancient historic sites, secrets of the dead and past, unique nature-based experiences in exotic locals, and non-stop ghostly haunted and paranormal thrills. All this sounds something like the latest Indiana Jones Movie doesn’t it?

But a real haunted adventure should be just that … shouldn’t it? I’m not saying everything you investigate is going to be the pinnacle of what will be defined as the most positive proof that real ghosts, or cryptids and hauntings are real. But of course any haunted investigation vacation should have some great expectations.

Hey anything for the kid right??????????????