Top 10 signs of job burnout


Consider these statistics:

• The American worker has the least vacation time of any modern, developed society.

• In 2005, 33 percent of workers said they would be checking in with the office while on vacation.

• One-half of workers reported they feel a great deal of stress on the job.

• Forty-four percent of working moms admit to being preoccupied about work while at home and one-fourth say they bring home projects at least one day a week.

• Nineteen percent of working moms reported they often or always work weekends.

• Thirty-seven percent of all working dads said they would consider the option of taking a new job with less pay if it offered a better work/life balance.

• Thirty-six percent of working dads reported they bring work home at least one day a week and 30 percent say they often or always work weekends. 

I highlighted mine:

10.  You’re so tired, you now answer the phone with just: “Hell.” (I would like to)

9.  Your friends call to ask how you’ve been, and you immediately scream, “Get off my back!!”.

8.  Your garbage can is your “in” box.

7.  You wake up to discover your bed is on fire, but go back to sleep because you just don’t care.

6.  You have so much on your mind, you’ve forgotten how to logon.

5.  Visions of the upcoming weekend help you make it through Monday.

4.  You don’t set your alarm anymore because you know the pager will go off before the alarm does.

3.  You leave for a party and instinctively bring your ID badge.

2.  Your DayTimer/Work Planner exploded a week ago.

1.  You think about how relaxing it would be if you were in jail right now



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