Focus on the triceps

estock_commonswiki_212549_l.pngOne thing as we ladies get older is the errr flab you get under your armpits or rather in your triceps.  I used to have them oohhh so lovely and toned. Now different story. No, I don’t have the bat wings, per se, however whenever my daughter gets the chance and sees me wearing something sleeveless she can not resist “picking the banjo.”  So today at the gym after I get off of the treadmill will be focusing soley on my triceps this week.  My biceps are fine.  I can deal with those next week.  I just cannot stand someone playing a musical instrument on my body.

I was given the following advice when working out this particular muscle group:

Tuck your elbows in against your sides don’t let them move backwards toward your back.  When building muscle, which firms a body, the most important thing is to isolate the muscle you are working and do not bring other parts of the body in to help the exercise. “

For those interested here are some videos that help you focus upon this problem area:




My daughter is adamant about getting a tattoo when she turns 20 in May.  I have always been against it but when a child is 18 there is just so much a parent can do and cannot do.  I informed my precious child that if she still wants to mark up her body it will be her expense because I cannot pay for something I do not agree with.  I think tattoos are not all that.  I do love the design and skill that is involved however not on my body or my baby’s.  Course at 19 she is far from being a baby.  I have to keep drilling that into this mother’s brain………..

However, she wants me there for moral support and as her mother I feel that at least in this aspect it is my duty to be there for her.

So, irregardless of my feelings on this subject I will be at her side as will my sister (who has two tattoos of her own) when that fateful day arrives.

I am hoping that she will still change her mind but even if she does get this—I know having a tattoo is not the end of the world.  There are far worse things to be upset over.  And it would be even worse to hold any sort of resentment because well….as I always say life is too short and something as insignificant in some ways as a tattoo is, just isn’t worth spending any more energy on it than necessary.


sunset_hapiness_246017_l.jpegI can remember when I was a child and I had my whole life lying ahead of me. I dreamt of who and what I would become by the time I reached 40.

When I was a teenager, around the age of 15 I knew I wanted to join the Army.  I never waivered on this goal.  It stayed with me and at the age of 17 I enlisted.

As I grew older and entered my college years I thought about where my degree would take me, where I would end up job wise, career…and felt that I could make a difference in our world.

Today at 39, on the brink of reaching my middle age years I look back at what I have accomplished…I look forward to what might become.  I still wonder about the things I did when I was a child…did I accomplish my goals, would I still make a difference in this world?

I have so many wonderful memories that span a lifetime.  I realize that I really have accomplish many of the things I set out to do when I was a teenager. I realize that my daughter, at 19—-still has a wealth of life ahead of her.  Dreams to fulfill, places to see, a career to establish.  I do envy her this…to be on the brink of her youth and to be able to step forward into embracing the wonders of life.  I want her to fill her years with many wonderful memories, to find her niche in life and to live her years with contentment, joy and mirth.  It is almost like coming full circle when you have children…realizing that you live your life….living it and giving it back to those who you love the most……..