The Dress…


Yes, I plan to wear this lovely frock to perhaps a play or Broadway show…not a typical glamour gal. I grew up in the cornfields and woods of Indiana.  Basketball was my forte…okay not mine but my sister’s. She could really kick some ass. 

Needless to say once in a blue moon I will allow my feminine wiles to take me away and will become a glamor girl if only for one night.  (I think every gal needs to do this and relax–feel kind’a girlie once in a while).  Feels great.

So I showed this dress to my sister…ecstatic because I love anything and everything from the 1950’s (except for the Korean War and some other issues but will not delve into that right now)……

I wanted this dress.  I adore the sweetheart neckline–the way the skirt portion seems to just flare out…accentuating the waist (love those words) ;^)

Anyway, she bought it for me on birthday thing) (check out the site sometime they sell more than books there).

I decided that this dress needs some drop dead gorgeous accessories…going to buy some awe inspiring red heels, matching purse and pearls when the occasion calls for it.  And yes I will post pictures of the finished product.

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