Transformation of the Christian Faith

mcr-crucifix-m.jpgFaith has many different meanings for anyone who believes in God.  Not until 9/11 have I seen such a resurgence in the essence of Christianity.

Why do I say this?  Because religion is at the forefront of politics.  We read and see issues that are tagged to Islam (whether warranted or not) and it makes those of us who practice the Christian faith ponder upon our own innate beliefs.  I know I have.

crucifixesw560h378.jpgAccording to  M. Craig Barnes in his article Homestretch: searching for God after 9/11:

The reality is that our country was never as impregnable as we imagined, and neither is any individual home immune from the crises of diseases, divorce and even violence. Until we take our place among the vulnerable peoples of the world we will nurture only an illusion about home. So it is wisest to take seriously the crisis moments of life. They are our best opportunities to discover the sacred activity of God, who is constantly inviting us to leave the home of our illusions, but only to move us closer to the tree home he has prepared.

Becoming more aware of what you believe in (regardless if you are a Christian or not) seems to have created a cultural mindset in people to examine themselves and where they stand as far as personal goals—-their life’s journey.  I already knew about Islam prior to 9/11 and realized it is not a religion of hatred.  Only misguided and sometimes perverted views can create monsters as those who carry out terrorist activities. As cognizant human beings we need to sift through the rhetoric and discover for yourself what is truly out there to believe.  I feel that Christianity is coming to a critical turning point in its extended history…….we must pay attention.  To embrace humanity irregardless of what book is worshipped or followed.

Transforming the Christian faith into something that Jesus taught us is important to address and cannot emphasize enough.  I think there are plenty of people out there, parishioners and clergy who have fallen off the path towards what is good and what is deemed morally right.

Jesus taught that God is a caring Father, not someone to fear but to respect and realize that we could come to God when needed and to also thank God for the blessings in our lives.  Through the Old and New Testament we were taught human beings were granted free will…having the ability to choose right from wrong. 

We all have spiritual unity without necessarily having philosophical uniformity.  Meaning, though we may worship in different ways (i.e. the Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist and other religions…) we all have an intrinsic spiritual connection that makes us human and causes us all to attain for a better afterlife.


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