Taking up photography

animal_still_life_235342_l.jpegI have always wanted to take pictures as my previous postings have already relayed. 

Right now I need to come up with the $$$ to buy myself a digital camera with a good lens.  I don’t want to take hum drum pictures of every day life but to capture the essenceof life.  Picking up smiles, laughter, joy, sadness all within a picture…a frozen moment in time.  There are certain emotions which can be expertly captured on film. 

This is what I wish to do…even taking photos of nature and scenery emotions can be evoked.  I want to be able to stir something inside a person when they view the way I see the world…would they feel the same things I do?  Or something much different??

Photography can also be a form of therapy…to get lost in the moment…to capture something precious that you can return time and time again and stir up the same feelings you felt when you experienced whatever it was that caused you to lose yourself in time.