Meeting with Recruiter Monday

russellreno_kennesaw_sonny_719692_l.jpegThis recruiter is psyched to get me back in. I might not be able to utlize one of the three MOS’s I am trained in…no biggie.  I can easily be retrained so will see what he can do for me since I am very motivated to return to the Army and serve my country again and be around like minded people as myself.  I really miss wearing the uniform.  I am so happy!!  I would prefer to work in my primary MOS which is 96B20, Intelligence Analyst however if no slots are available then I will just have to train in something different which also means schooling. Not a big deal since I work for the feds anyway and can get military leave to complete it.  I just would like to work in something that utilizes my education but in the end grateful if I can get back into something I really enjoyed since I was 17 years old.

Sometimes (not all of course)….there are army recruiters who do not wish to deal with prior service. Something to do with getting their quota every month and prior service I guess are not seen as being part of that.  Though army recruiters should not discount us folks since they are having a hard time enlisting newbies.  I may be able to get into this chemical unit in town or another reserve unit which are stationed here in St. Louis.