Politics and Beauty


I have to say I am 100% behind this women in regards to stepping down from this title.  I understand China and Tibet has had its issues but now this? According to the Associated Press, Tsering Chungtak, 22, stated that she was pulling out of this pagent because there was pressure from Beijing to add China to her title. 

This pagent was in relation to over 30 countries participating for the title of Miss Tourism, which is to be selected this Saturday in Malaysia.According to Chugtak:  “I felt that this was not acceptable to me at all,”Chungtak said the founder of the pageant told her December 1 about the Chinese pressure over the issue that a Tibetan could only participate as a Tibetan Chinese.She initially thought there was a change in Chinese policy regarding this issue.  But obviously not.  The problems between Tibet and China have stemmed from a bitter feud between these two nations for many years.  Tibet has been part of China since the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).  With the invasion of Tibet in 1949, China asserts that the world does not recognize this tiny nation though the nation has recognized its independence since 1914.It is quite interesting to see how beauty and politics plays out in regards to international politics.  One would never think about this twice usually.  But I am quite glad Ms. Chungtak stood up and decided she did not want any part of this political mess… 


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