Buying a camera…behind the lens…


I have been enamoured with photography since I was a little girl. 

Lying contently upon the family room floor on my belly…I loved to pour through my parents’ Childcraft Encyclopedias for hours sighing contently over the glossy pictures, hearing the flip of the pages….They transported me to different exotic worlds…I want to buy a digital but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a decent camera with a good wide angle lens.  I might try ebay but do not really trust using my credit card on paypal there since my sister had a nightmare on the site. I prefer the old fashion going into the store and just buying it right there no shipping and handling included (or not included) hassle.  camera_film_film_264235_l.jpeg  Pictures can tell a thousand tales…I love to take shots of children, the elderly, couples holding hands, nature, and the abstract.  Once I get my little hands on one of these babies it will be hard pressed to find me without it. :^)

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