camp_fire_flames_228527_tn.jpegI have not done this in quite some time and no one does it better than the United States Army.  I should be an ol’ pro at this.

The only time I hated going to the field was during the winter months.  That really sucked with a big “S”.  I hated how the wind would howl letting you know that what you are about to do goes against all common sense.camping_tent_882064_tn.jpegcamping_882074_l.jpeg

And then there was the camo.  MAN oh MAN….sometimes the thick Army issued gloves had to be taken off to fully get a grip on those ice cold poles and then the butterflies. Now don’t get me started on those!!!!!! I cannot even fathom how many times I pinched my fingers during the set up of these infernal legos gone wrong pieces of &%$*…

 Anyway, I digress. I do enjoy camping. I love the smell of the outdoors. I love hiking and crossing creeks, climbing hills and getting “lost” in the wonder of it all.  The last time I really went camping was with an old MP unit I was a member of.  We were able to bring our family out. I had bought this pup tent from an outdoors store and it was the sorriest looking thing…sagged in the middle.  Some of my co-horts got together and fixed it for me. We all had fun and I miss getting together like that with friends.

Healthy reformation

paris_explorepage_explore_18295_l.jpegAs I was slaving away upon one of the torture devices exercise machines yesterday and watching Jim Carey on the tele in his breakout role The Mask I pondered many things while trying to get into better shape.  I realized that exercising is not just a physical task but a mental one also.

That is where I get into serious trouble. My mind wants to play tricks and guilt me into thinking exercise is for naught and I should instead be home all warm and curled up in my blanket watching a good movie sipping on some hot chocolate…(for it was cold and bleary outside…gray and raining)….NOT one of my favorite kind of days.

I prefer sunshine, (7o to 75 degrees)…lying on a beach somewhere soakin’ in the rays or hiking about on some glorious mountain smelling the pine needles and watching critters scamper by.

So here I am sweating away smelling other people’s sweat and hearing the humming of treadmills and clanking of weights….I have to keep telling myself I am doing a good thing for my body and my mind.  The mind can play some heavy tricks on your a$$.  It can tell you that it is too cold to go outside and do this or that.  You just want to stay home where it’s warm and WHY work out?  It takes so longgggggggg…………but I MADEmyself go and I did feel better afterwards mentally because I was not chastising myself for NOT going.

Now if I can keep this up.   ;^P